Remote Security Guards for Los Angeles Storage Facilities
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24/7 Remote CCTV Video Surveillance Monitoring for Effective & Affordable Protection

Guardian Integrated Security is a privately owned video surveillance company that provides high-quality virtual guard services for self-storage facilities throughout Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. We’re able to give storage facility owners state-of-the-art protection at an affordable price by embracing the industry’s best practices and modern advancements in surveillance technology. Through the use of remotely accessible, high-resolution CCTV security cameras, our highly trained guards are able to monitor properties of any size from our Command Center 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Virtual guarding is the ideal solution for self-storage facilities that need to:

  • Deter Criminal Activity, Trespassing, Vandalism, & Theft Deter criminal activity, loitering, trespassing, vandalism, arsen, and theft
  • Prevent Delinquent Renters from Accessing the Facility Prevent delinquent renters from accessing the facility
  • Stop Tailgaters from Entering without Access Code Stop tailgaters from entering without an access code
  • Prevent Renters from Storing Illegal Items or Sleeping in Storage Spaces Ensure renters aren’t storing illegal items or sleeping in storage spaces
  • Reduce Fraudulent Insurance Liability Claims Reduce fraudulent insurance liability claims

Led by an owner-manager with over 20 years of experience in the industry and having delivered superior service to 1,000s of satisfied clients throughout Southern California, the private security experts at Guardian Integrated Security can be relied upon to implement a number of proven strategies to effectively improve safety and security at your site.

Get a Personalized Security Plan Designed & Implementedby Industry Experts for Your Needs

A well-developed security plan serves as a measure of active protection for your current self-storage customers, as well as a valuable marketing strategy to attract new renters. Whether you are interested in replacing an on-site security guard program or incorporating our virtual guard services into pre-existing practices for seamless coverage, we will design a custom security plan to best meet your needs and budget. To get a clear understanding of your specific security concerns and identify how we can offer the best protection for your property, a member of our management team will visit your storage facility and perform an on-site consultation and security assessment. During this visit, we’ll determine where to place all video surveillance cameras, such as along facility perimeters, in dark hallways and corners, inside/outside elevators and stairwells, near entry/exit gates and doors, by management offices, or above storage units, and outline our protocols for responding to suspicious, prohibited, and criminal behaviors. Our CCTV cameras record activity 24/7 and can come equipped with night vision, thermal imaging, facial recognition, and license plate recognition.

Highly Effective, Low Cost Alternative to Traditional On-Site Security Guard Services

Often considered the future of the private security industry, remote video surveillance (also known as remote guarding or virtual guarding services) is a reliable, cost-effective alternative to traditional standing guards. Benefits of choosing virtual guards for your storage facility include but are not limited to:

Increased effectiveness:

Virtual guards ensure thorough coverage and constant monitoring of an expansive storage facility, including remote locations that can go overlooked or are otherwise inaccessible to traditional standing guards. Additionally, remote guards can see multiple locations throughout your property at once.

Improved capabilities:

State-of-the-art CCTV surveillance cameras capture high-resolution footage throughout the day and night. This camera footage can be shared with authorized personnel and local law enforcement. It can also be used as evidence in a court of law.

Real-time intervention:

Motion detecting cameras and alarms instantly alert our remote guards to unusual activity at your site. Using two-way loudspeakers, our guards can communicate with tenants, property managers, and maintenance workers or warn unauthorized intruders that they are being recorded and observed.

Fast emergency dispatch:

When criminal activity is detected, remote guards can immediately notify local law enforcement to provide faster dispatch times than standing guards or automated systems.

24/7 surveillance:

Our cameras never stop rolling and never fall asleep on the job. Storage facility owners can use our software to remotely access live footage of their site at any time.

Exceptional value:

Remote guards offer greater coverage than traditional standing guard services without the high labor costs.

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Guardian Integrated Security is dedicated to helping self-storage companies create and maintain safe and secure environments for their employees, customers, and the valuable possessions that are kept there. As a client of ours, you’ll get a personalized virtual guard security plan that is fully customized to your specific needs and budget. We will match or beat any competitor’s pricing and are available to visit your storage facility in Van Nuys, North Hollywood, Woodland Hills or nearby Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley location at a time that is convenient for you. Call (800) 400-3167 to schedule an on-site consultation today.