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Comprehensive Remote Video Monitoring for Car Dealerships, Sales Lots, Showrooms, Service & Repair Facilities in
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According to the LAPD, approximately 30,000 vehicles are stolen in the City of Los Angeles each year, and auto theft accounts for 18% of total crime in the city. In order to protect the valuable inventory at car dealerships, repair shops, showrooms, and storage lots, Guardian Integrated Security offers professional and affordable virtual guarding services. This service uses strategically placed, state-of-the-art security cameras that are remotely monitored by our highly trained guards. By leveraging the latest video surveillance technology and following the industry’s best practices, we’re able to deter theft and improve the safety of your property, inventory, employees, and customers at a fraction of the cost of traditional standing guard services.

Why Car Dealerships Should Choose Virtual Guarding Over Traditional On-Site Security Guards

Our customizable plans include many or all of the following security efforts:

Strategically Placed Motion Detectors

Equipped with motion sensors, CCTV video surveillance cameras immediately alert remote guards of an intruder’s presence. Cameras can be placed in showrooms, sales lot perimeters, service & repair entrances/exits, hallways, and anywhere throughout your site, including spaces that are inaccessible to traditional standing guards.

Infrared Security Cameras

Sometimes referred to as IR Cameras or Night Vision Security Cameras, our CCTV equipment captures high-resolution footage in low light and complete darkness, ensuring you have access to quality footage both day and night.

Two-Way Speakers

Two-way audio speakers enable guards to see and hear activity on your facility. Remote guards can interact with anyone at your site to determine if they are authorized to be on your property. If the trespasser is unauthorized, our guard will make them aware that are being observed and recorded, and/or let them know that the police have been called.

Real-Time Intervention

Virtual guards will immediately alert local authorities in the case of criminal activity and can provide faster dispatch times than standing guards or automated systems.

Facial Recognition Capabilities

Advanced facial recognition software captures clear footage of transgressors that can aid in the identification process, and captured footage may be used as evidence in a court of law.

License Plate Capture Capabilities

Our license plate recognition or LPR cameras have built-in software that enables them to capture license plate numbers and letter on both moving and parked vehicles. This can assist your dealership with both security and parking enforcement.

24/7 Coverage

Our cameras roll 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Even during peak business hours, cameras can help to protect your auto dealership from potential liability risks, including lawsuits, fraudulent worker’s comp claims, and internal theft. As a business owner, you can view live footage of your property at any time and from anywhere, as well as access recently recorded footage, using our software.

Nightly On-Site Patrol Visits

All security plans are fully-customizable and can be adapted to best meet your needs. For a more visible guarding presence, we can supplement our remote guarding services with nightly on-site patrol visits.

Guardian Integrated Security’s Experts Will Design an Effective Security Plan to Fit Your Budget

As a locally owned and operated private security company, Guardian Integrated Security is dedicated to protecting the valuable inventory of auto dealerships throughout the San Fernando Valley and Greater Los Angeles areas. Our security management team has over 60 years of cumulative experience and is highly knowledgeable of the security threats unique to car dealerships, including internal/external theft, property damage, fraudulent worker’s comp claims, lawsuits, vandalism, and trespassing. Business owners who choose Guardian Integrated Security can rest assured knowing that we will take the time to thoroughly inspect your facility, assessing any areas of weakness or vulnerability, before developing a personalized surveillance plan to improve the safety and security of your site.

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Remote guarding is a reliable, cost-effective private security solution that we offer to car dealerships of all sizes throughout San Fernando, Woodland Hills, Van Nuys, North Hollywood, Northridge, Burbank, Encino, Los Angeles, and surrounding areas. Call Guardian Integrated Security today to deter auto theft and other crimes before they occur. An effective security plan can help car dealership owners cut losses, reduce liabilities, save on insurance costs, and foster a safe environment for customers and employees. A member of our experienced management team will travel to your Los Angeles or San Fernando Valley dealership for an on-site consultation.