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Virtual Guard Services in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley

Effectively Protect Your Business and Reduce Your Security Costs

Guardian Integrated Security is the best choice for virtual guard services in the San Fernando Valley and Greater Los Angeles area. With decades of experience providing private security services to thousands of businesses, our management team can be trusted to implement an effective security plan for commercial and industrial properties of any size. We strategically place security cameras and motion detectors throughout each site and have trained staff monitor them remotely at our command center. By using the industry’s best security practices and modern-day surveillance technology, we’re able to provide security solutions that are not only highly effective and more comprehensive than traditional on-site security guard services, but also much more affordable.

State of the Art Mobile Security Units
24 Hour Remote Guarding & Monitoring

Our Process
Evaluate Property Security by On-Site Assessment 1


By providing an on-site assessment, we will determine how to best monitor your site and keep your property secure.


Within days, our team will install all video cameras, audio speakers, and motion sensors and have them fully connected to our command center.

Video Cameras, Audio Speakers & Motion Sensors Installation 2

Monitor, Analyze Threats & Alert Law Enforcement 3


Your security camera footage will be monitored remotely by fully trained and experienced guards.


If we verify a security threat, we immediately alert local law enforcement and notify the offender that they are being observed and recorded.

Remotely Monitor Security Camera Footage 4

Virtual Guard Services vs. Traditional, On-Site Security Guard Services

If a business is primarily in need of weekend or after-hours security, virtual guarding is often the ideal security solution. While each on-site security guard is only able to be at one location at a time, virtual guarding lets you monitor multiple locations throughout your property with just one remote guard. Our remote guards can also use two-way voice audio to warn intruders and dispatch police when appropriate, essentially making each security camera its own virtual guard.

Unlike an on-site guard, a “virtual guard” doesn’t need to take breaks, fall asleep, or leave your site. Plus, with high-resolution security camera systems with facial or license plate recognition, we’re often able to capture footage that can be used in a court of law. Additionally, we’re able to dispatch the police faster than any standing security guard; police typically show up in minutes rather than hours. Finally, because you can accomplish the same or greater level of security with less manpower, virtual guarding is generally 60-70% less costly than standard security guard services.

Our Virtual Guard Services Allow for Personalized Security Solutions Tailored for Your Specific Needs

Our remote guarding services are extremely versatile and can be fully customized for a range of applications, making them a great solution for:

Workplace Compliance:

Ensure that your employees are following local laws and safety standards by remotely accessing live or recorded footage captured by CCTV cameras. This footage can be viewed by property managers and business owners anytime of day or night via our secure online portal. Footage can also serve as valuable evidence in legal disputes and fraudulent workers’ comp claims.

Alarm Assistance:

False alarms can quickly become a costly error and inconvenience to your business’s day-to-day operation. In Los Angeles County, permitted alarm users are charged with a $216 fee for their first false alarm, and this fee increases in $50 increments for each subsequent false alarm occurrence. By choosing Guardian Integrated Security’s alarm assistance services, you can rest assured knowing that our remote guards will reliably confirm whether or not a triggered alarm is an actual emergency. When someone pushes an alarm on your property, our remote guards will assess the situation and only notify local authorities when truly necessary.

Lone Worker Monitoring & Video Guard Escort:

Remote guards offer an additional level of protection to employees who work after normal business hours, including late at night or during weekends and holidays. We can also remotely monitor and provide video guard escort for employees who need to walk from workspaces and employee parking areas alone.

Monitored Doorman:

Manage access to your business with remote guards who are trained to identify authorized personnel, tenants, and approved visitors and grant them access to your business, gated areas, unmanned lobby, or secured loading zone.

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Call Guardian Integrated Security today to tell us about your security concerns and needs. We will customize our virtual guard services to ensure that your property is kept safe and secure. Our solutions are designed to meet the needs of businesses of any size industry. We provide virtual guard services throughout Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley, and will match or beat any competitor’s price. On-site consultations and estimates are free.