Virtual Security Guards for LA Retail Stores & Shopping Centers

Get Effective Retail Security at an Affordable Price with Live, Remote Security Camera Monitoring

Guardian Integrated Security specializes in providing professional virtual guard services to shopping centers, retail stores, and malls throughout Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. With over 20 years of experience managing a private security company, our owner has seen the industry evolve along with modern technological advancements. Often considered the future of the private security industry, virtual guarding is not only significantly more affordable than traditional standing guards, but also more reliable and effective. At Guardian Integrated Security, we combine the industry’s best practices, the latest in CCTV video surveillance technology, and highly-trained surveillance professionals to offer the best value in retail security services.

Personalized Security Strategies Designed by the San Fernando Valley’s Retail Store Security Experts

The biggest security concern for most retailers is theft, both from shoplifting and employee. Outside of asset shrinkage, retail stores and shopping centers may also need to worry about vandalism, loitering, accidents, property damage, and liability claims.

At Guardian Integrated Security, we specialize in creating personalized security strategies for retailers so they can effectively and affordably discourage theft and other criminal behavior. For optimal security coverage, we start with an on-site evaluation to locate potential weaknesses in the security of your commercial site and develop a personalized plan to address them. This plan typically involves surveillance equipment recommendations and a layout for where all cameras, motion sensors, and loudspeakers should be installed. Our security cameras record footage at your site 24 hours a day and can be viewed remotely by guards at our command center or your authorized personnel.

Live remote monitoring is most effective at protecting your inventory and property after all staff and customers have left. This makes it easier for our guards to catch suspicious movement and activity at your site. Our guard will review the footage in real time and use two-way loudspeakers to communicate with any suspicious individuals. Typically, most criminals move on once they learn that they are being observed and recorded. If they don’t, we immediately notify the local police and share any relevant surveillance footage.

The Benefits of Our Virtual Guarding Services Featuring Technologically-Advanced Surveillance Equipment &
Live Remote Monitoring

Visible Surveillance:

By featuring security cameras in highly visible areas, such as near entrances and exits, near your most valuable inventory, and along the building’s perimeter, and posting signs that let everyone know that your site is under 24-hour surveillance, you’ll discourage would-be criminals looking for an easy target.

Motion Detecting Security Cameras:

Our advanced CCTV cameras are equipped with motion sensors that immediately alert guards of movement and suspicious activity.

Two-Way Audio:

With two-way audio speakers, our guards can see, hear, and respond in real-time.

Facial Recognition:

State-of-the-art facial recognition software is available to make it easier to detect, track, and identify people at your site who are suspicious or not permitted in certain areas. This high-resolution footage can be used in a court of law to help prosecute criminals or discredit fraudulent workers’ comp claims.

License Plate Identification:

Protecting the exterior of your retail space is just as important as protecting the interior. License plate readers can help to secure commercial parking lots and provide valuable evidence in the case of theft, property damage, or accidents.

Fast Emergency Response Times:

Our virtual guards offer real-time intervention and will immediately alert local authorities in the case of emergency or criminal activity.

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