Los Angeles Energy Companies Remote Security Guards

Deter Criminal Activity, Reduce Risks & Liabilities, and Improve Safety & Security at Your Site with
24/7 Live Remote CCTV Surveillance Camera Monitoring

Guardian Integrated Security is dedicated to providing high-quality, reliable, and extremely cost-effective security solutions to Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley businesses that work in the energy sector. With virtual guarding, you can deter theft of valuable equipment, machinery, and inventory; remotely control access; monitor activity throughout your property and at remote locations; encourage and enforce employee compliance with operational procedures and safety protocols; and discourage fraudulent worker’s compensation and frivolous lawsuits. Our virtual guard services are fully customizable and will be personalized for your business so that it delivers maximum value.

San Fernando Valley Real Time Monitoring Service

Virtual Guarding

Virtual guarding combines the best private security strategies with advanced surveillance technology to offer highly effective protection at very affordable rates. With Guardian Integrated Security, you’ll have CCTV cameras strategically placed throughout your facility and real-time monitoring by our supervised, qualified guards 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. When an alarm is triggered or unusual activity is detected, our remote guards will review the camera footage at your location to assess the threat. Typically, our guard will either use the two-way loudspeakers to ward off the intruder or immediately dispatch local law enforcement.

Personalized Security Solutions

Personalized Solutions Designed by Experienced Security Experts

Our security experts have over 60 years of collective experience in custom designing and implementing security plans and will apply their expertise to give you the best protection possible for your allowable budget. By having one of our security experts perform an in-depth, on-site assessment, we’re able to evaluate your risks, threats, and vulnerabilities as well as gain a clear picture of other concerns, such as those related to production, safety risks, and liabilities. This consultation is critical to helping our clients get a value-added security strategy that aligns with their specific set of needs.

24-Hour Remote Monitoring Los Angeles, CA

Advanced Surveillance Equipment & 24-Hour Remote Monitoring

From our on-site assessment, we’re able to determine what type of surveillance equipment you need and where each CCTV camera, loudspeaker, and motion sensor should be placed for maximum coverage and visibility. We give our clients access to state-of-the-art video surveillance technology with advanced capabilities such as facial recognition, license plate identification, and thermal imaging. Recorded and live camera footage is easily accessible and can be viewed remotely by our guards and your authorized personnel at any time of day or night. This footage can also be shared with local law enforcement and prove invaluable in a court case.

Call Today to Meet With One of Our Security Experts to Discover How Virtual Guarding Can
Effectively Benefit Your Utility Company, Production Plant, Refinery or Similar Business

Call today to learn more or to schedule your free on-site security consultation. We can adapt our virtual guard services to protect businesses of all sizes and types, including those that produce or distribute electrical, gas, coal, petroleum, or renewable energy. Not only does virtual guarding offer enhanced protection, but it can also reduce security costs. In general, virtual guard services are 60-70% less expensive than traditional on-site guard services.

Guardian Integrated Security is a local, licensed and insured virtual guarding company that provides virtual guard services throughout Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley, including Burbank, Calabasas, Glendale, Hidden Hills, San Fernando, Van Nuys, Northridge, Encino, and North Hollywood.